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VIP Sweden takes great pleasure in crafting its own corporate leisure travel packages. A recent addition to our corporate concierge offerings sets to match your employees’ entertainment and leisure demands with your business’s unique considerations in orchestrating the ideal travel escape for your team.

Our vast network of international partners in over 40 countries worldwide is there to ensure that you receive the same level of service quality that you are accustomed to in Sweden abroad.

A reflection of our commitment is to deliver truly bespoke experiences and establish ourselves as the premier choice for corporate leisure channels worldwide.

For any other queries or clarifications, feel free to contact VIP Sweden at, and we will be more than glad to address them in no time. Enter your details on this form, and we will contact you within 24 hours. Make sure to write your country code (for ex: +44).

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VIP Sweden provider establishes a trustworthy partnership with top management and VIPs from some of the most recognizable companies in the world. It incorporates the knowledge and expertise of a tour operator with both the luxurious lifestyle and confidentiality of a concierge to ensure a seamless, trouble-free trip every time.

Creating a unique cultural experience for each customer is one of the most crucial components of managing Premium travel. With our clients’ wants and aspirations in mind, we create the ideal VIP travel experience. No matter how important VIP travel is to your business, VIP Sweden can manage it with ease.


Perhaps the only place that comes anywhere near to Båstad’s festive atmosphere, the island of Visby gives you a perfect mix of ancient history, waterfront accommodation and exclusive nightclubs.


If you wish to experience Swedish culture with a Mediterranean feeling, nothing beats a trip to the east-coast town of Båstad. Situated by the ocean, this small town lights up for a whole week each year during the month of July. During these seven days, Båstad plays host to world-famous tennis tournament-the Swedish Open. Along with athletic excellence comes a festive and joyous atmosphere, with limitless possibilities for partying that are perhaps unrivalled in our country.

This week is a definite highlight for celebrities as well as for all those cravings for a truly unique experience amidst a truly picturesque setting, surrounded by some of Swedens most beautiful people!


Welcome to Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia! Our beautiful town and its islands are home to numerous exclusive culinary, cultural and entertainment establishments and are quite simply a Heaven on Earth for all the savvy foreigners who come to indulge themselves in its numerous charms. When it comes to nightlife, sightseeing and adventurous activities, you have our word that Stockholm won’t let you down! Contact us for orchestrating lasting and bespoke experiences, and we guarantee you won’t want to leave this place any longer ever again!