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Our corporate culture’s relentless focus on quality and literally impressing our clients is our single most compelling distinguishing trademark.
Vip Concierge

World-class Entertainment

Our company’s mission is to offer unrivalled quality in delivering world-class entertainment and leisure experiences to its clients. Despite being still a start-up, our company already boasts strong partnership ties worldwide and has achieved some market traction from the non-corporate segment of its clientele.
Vip Concierge Sweden

Corporate Services

In addition to personal concierge services, we see great opportunity in the virtually unclaimed corporate leisure services market. We aspire to become the premier point of reference in the foreseeable future with our commitment to deliver truly bespoke experiences for adding value to our client’s businesses.


We arrange parties, but we are not in the party industry

Vip Services


We arrange dinners, but we are not in the restaurant business


We arrange gala performances, but we are not in the entertainment industry


We arrange travel, but we are not in the travel industry


We arrange hotel, but we are not in the hotel industry

We are in the experience business!

With a wealth of creative concepts and innovative ideas, VIP SWEDEN is able to satisfy any client request.

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