World-class concierge services for all

We cater to the concierge demands of a truly diverse clientele, from ordinary people and high net worth individuals all the way to small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations.

When we say VIP, we mean it.

Whether you are a private individual craving for the ultimate fantasy experience or a business entity planning an exotic escape for your top-performing department, our team of dedicated concierges is here to go that extra mile for you. We deliver unrivalled and truly genuine VIP treatment and bespoke experiences that will be forever treasured.

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    • James & Janet Wilson
      What a party – the details, the luxuriant splendour of it, the shameless management- wow. The organisation was brilliant, and such gorgeous girls at the helm of it! VIP Sweden added a real stamp of quality and glamour to our vacation – we will never forget it.
      James & Janet Wilson
      Washington, USA
    • Roni Bicer
      Me and my friends were recently in the mood to to put a different spin on our night out. Being familiar with VIP Sweden and its excellent service we decided to go for the Hollywood package and it turned out to be an excellent choice! Big thanks to Eric and the amazing staff at VIP Sweden.
      Roni Bicer
      Stockholm, Sweden

    Why VIP Sweden?

    With a wealth of creative concepts and innovative ideas, VIP SWEDEN is able to satisfy any client request.

    Travelling… not really, we prefer an unforgettable and a unique experience in Sweden.

    As one of the most acclaimed bespoke luxury service company, the most meaning of ”travelling” is not in our vocabulary.

    What can we do for you?

    Vip Services

    Enjoy the very best of our quality services.

    Providing a frustration-free experience that is personalised to the lifestyle and preferences of the clients, our specialists will create and manage every aspect of bespoke services. With 24/7 support and advice, our experts will be available and work with you within those hours that suits best to the clients.

    Luxury Concierge Service

    Our professionals care about every stage of your trip

    We aim to ensure that all of the requirements are recognised and acted on while considering every stage of your booking process. Whether it is a certain seat or a specific type of aircraft, we make every service an appealing experience.


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    You will indeed save time. Instead of wasting time looking and making reservations, you will be free to do the things you enjoy.

    We provide you an amazing and distinctive experience in Sweden by fulfilling your each request.

    You will appreciate our top-notch services to the fullest. Our experts are concerned about each step of your journey.

    Yes, we offer packages like a limo pickup from an airport, a reservation at any restaurant, VIP entrance, and booking a hotel.